The Giants have a decision to make over the next few months: Do they trade ace Madison Bumgarner or sign him to a long-term extension?

While the Bryce Harper negotiations were independent of anything related to Bumgarner's future, it did tell us one thing. The Giants have money and are willing to spend.

That observation was brought to Bumgarner's attention by broadcasters Mike Krukow and Jon Miller during an in-game interview on NBC Bay Area while the Giants and Reds were playing in Scottsdale on Friday night.

Here's the back-and-forth that drew a big laugh from Bumgarner:

Krukow: Well, you did find out something about the negotiations. Giants have $310 million to spend.

Bumgarner: Yeah, we did find that out.

Miller: Well, maybe your agent hadn't heard about it. Maybe you can call him...

Bumgarner: Yeah, maybe we'll do that.

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Bumgarner won't cost $310 million. The most a pitcher has ever gotten is $217 million (David Price). Only three other pitchers have gotten over $200 million (Clayton Kershaw, Zack Greinke and Max Scherzer). But, the 2014 World Series MVP is due for a nice pay day this year.

We'll find out soon if the Giants are willing to give him a large chunk of that $310 million, or if someone else is forced to open up the piggy bank for Bumgarner.