SAN FRANCISCO -- There was a rumor Friday afternoon that the Giants are looking for more outfield help, and while that didn't immediately lead to anything, it was a reminder that Farhan Zaidi will strike at any point. 

You could see Zaidi making a third trade for an outfielder this month, or you could see him deal a reliever in May, or perhaps a starter in June. If the Giants dig this hole any deeper, there will be no safety for the big names on the roster, which made a Friday night game against the Yankees so interesting. 

Madison Bumgarner might be the best starter available before the July 31 deadline. The Yankees have long been rumored to be a potential home, but on Friday they certainly didn't come away impressed. With a lineup featuring just three regulars, the Yankees picked up 11 hits off Bumgarner en route to a 7-3 win at Oracle Park

Bumgarner had just two clean innings out of six, dealing with traffic most of his night. He had a long first, allowing two runs on a pair of doubles and pair of singles. The Yankees tacked on a run in the third and again in the fifth, and they knocked Bumgarner out in the sixth with three consecutive singles from the bottom of their lineup. There was little in the zone that fooled them, leading to 27 of 104 pitches being fouled off. 


"There were a lot of strikes, just not a whole lot of quality strikes," Bumgarner said. "A lot of hittable pitches. I've got to do better. I can't put us in a hole like that."

The Giants lineup showed a bit more life than usual, but never caught up. That left Bumgarner with his fourth loss in six starts and a 4.30 ERA. The 11 hits allowed in 5 2/3 innings tied a career-high. This was the fourth time in his career he has allowed 11, but first in seven years. 

That's been the theme this year. Bumgarner has limited walks, but opponents are batting .259 off him, well above his career average. Manager Bruce Bochy said Bumgarner was a "touch off with his command," and Bumgarner wore that frustration as he spoke to reporters. 

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He was upset regardless of the opponent. The Yankees were without Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez and much more, but they still had little trouble with a pitcher they may or may not be taking a close look at. Bumgarner didn't care who was in the lineup or about any Yankee mystique. He was disappointed with the performance. 

"I can't expect more out of myself than I already do," he said. "It doesn't matter who we're playing or where we're at. I'm here to win."