Ex-Giants minor leaguer gives rave reviews of organization


Matt Paré’s time in the Giants’ organization left an impression on him. The former minor league catcher is now retired and working on an entertainment career, but has fond memories of his stint on the Giants' farm. 

“I’ve heard a lot of people talk about their minor league experiences as selfish and horror stories of guys putting eyedrops in people’s water so they could get playing time, none of that stuff happened in the Giants’ organization, it always felt like everyone was working towards being a part of that team at the top,”  Paré said on the latest episode of Balk Talk.

Paré, who signed with the Giants as a minor league free agent in 2013, played in the Giants' system from 2013-2017, reaching as high as Single-A San Jose.

Paré and close friend Ty Kelly, a former New York Mets infielder, have created unique (and hilarious) content online that sometimes pays homage to their baseball past. But during Paré time with the Giants, in an organization where there was royalty in the form of Buster Posey at catcher, did Paré ever worry about being in his shadow?

Not even a little bit. 

“I don’t think anyone ever -- I never compared myself to Buster Posey just because, that was never going to be my career path,” Paré said. “I knew I was going to be a guy that bounced around the minor leagues and maybe someone got hurt and somehow I ended up in the big leagues.”


Paré also said he has observed Joey Bart go through the ranks from afar, but believes Bart doesn’t necessarily have that mentality either -- at least not right now -- with the Giants one game over the .500 mark and eyeing the postseason. 

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“That was never a thought in my head, but yeah I’m sure when it comes to Joey Bart, also Posey not playing this year,” Paré explained. “They’re not thinking about that right now -- all he’s thinking about is like ‘Hey, we actually have a shot at making the playoffs.'”