Dodgers' Muncy was big mad after Giants' stunning comeback

Max Muncy

Dodgers slugger Max Muncy has been public enemy No. 1 among Giants fans this season, seemingly having launched a ball into outer space in every game played between the two rivals thus far. So, those same fans probably weren't the least bit displeased to see Muncy boiling over with frustration following San Francisco's unforgettable comeback in the ninth inning on Thursday night.

Darin Ruf came to the plate with two outs and the bases loaded in the top of the ninth with the Giants trailing 3-2. Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen couldn't find the plate with his first three pitches, but the third one ridiculously was called a strike by the home plate umpire. Instead of a 3-0 count with the bases juiced, it was 2-1.

Had the Giants lost the game, they would have been justified in demanding the immediate institution of robot umpires across the league. But they didn't, and instead, it was the Dodgers who blew a gasket.

In a 3-2 count, Jansen induced a check-swing by Ruf. The Dodgers were sure he had struck out. The Giants held their breath in hopes he hadn't. Upon appeal to the first base umpire, San Francisco rejoiced as the tying run came into score.

The Dodgers ... they weren't happy. Manager Dave Roberts charged out of the dugout and quickly was ejected for the second straight game. Muncy wasn't thrown out, but after the Giants tacked two more runs on, cameras caught him giving the umps the business.

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Did Ruf swing? Absolutely. Would that situation have presented itself if the ump had correctly ruled the third pitch of the at-bat a ball? Impossible to know for sure, but probably not.

Ball don't lie, as they say.

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