Every time MLB has made an announcement over the past week, the same response has come from much of the industry: What about the minor leaguers? On Thursday, the league announced an initial step to take care of the thousands who populate the minor leagues and have faced uncertainty during this time. 

MLB said it will provide interim support for minor league players in the form of a lump sum equal to the allowances that would have been paid through April 8. Minor leaguers are not paid during spring training but do get a small daily stipend, and this puts that back in their pockets at a time when many are struggling.

This will pay minor leaguers what they were owed for the rest of spring training. MLB said it will continue working with all 30 clubs to identify additional ways to support minor leaguers as games are postponed or canceled. The minor league season was supposed to start April 9.

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Giants minor leaguers were sent home last weekend with little direction about where this is all headed. While big leaguers can continue working out at Scottsdale Stadium or Oracle Park, minor leaguers are mostly on their own when it comes to staying in shape.

They are in a tough spot right now, having not been paid since last August, the end of the 2019 minor league season. A few prospects took to Twitter over the last week to point out how difficult it is to get part-time work during this crisis, especially when you're potentially going to be called back to spring training on short notice.