Good news for all National League hitters: the Oracle Park dimensions are changing.

Unfortunately, they won't be changing that much.

Altering the dimensions of the Giants' stadium has been talked about for some time, with the goal of moving the bullpens from on the field to beyond the outfield walls being the primary objective.

While many hoped the Giants would do away with Triples Alley, that won't be the case.

The San Francisco Chronicle's Henry Schulman reported Friday the Giants are moving both bullpens beyond the center field and right-center field wall.

The adjustment, per Schulman, of the wall that runs from left-center field to Triples Alley will be moved in four-to-six feet and the wall will be lowered by one foot.

The Giants reportedly also ripping out 400 seats, per Schulman, as part of a plan to have a terrace beyond center field. 

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Oracle Park is getting smaller, but it still will be a pitcher's park. Triple Alley is part of the ballpark's DNA, a dynamic unique to the Giants' home field.

Hitters might be disappointed the fences only will be moved in a few feet, but there's always time to keep moving them if the Giants see fit.