The Los Angeles Dodgers tying the series at one game apiece with the New York Mets in the NLDS was hardly the biggest story from Game 2. Instead, Chase Utley's controversial slide into second base, which broke Ruben Tejada's right fibula, was the much bigger story. 

Now, Major League Baseball has spoken on the issue. 

For his forceful slide, Utley is suspended for Game 3 and 4 of the NLDS for what is now being called an "illegal" takeout slide. Utley will appeal the suspension and could be eligible to still play.

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"A two-game suspension for a legal baseball play is outrageous and completely unacceptable. Chase did what all players are taught to do in this situation - break up the double play," Utley's agent, Joel Wolfe said in a statement.

Below is the full statement from MLB's Communications Department: