Odds for next Giants manager to replace Bruce Bochy brings wild names

Odds for next Giants manager to replace Bruce Bochy brings wild names

The 2020 Giants will look a lot different than we're used to. Sure, you can expect Buster Posey and some other familiar names to still be on the field, but the biggest change will be who's leading the team. 

Bruce Bochy is hanging up his roster card after the 2019 season. He is retiring after 13 years managing the Giants, plus 12 more with the Padres before his tenure in San Francisco. 

So, who is next in line to manage the Giants? Sportsbook BetDSI has released the first round of odds, and their list is quite interesting -- in both a realistic sense and outrageously comical.

The favorite 

Right away, this one is ... well, bad. 

Matt Williams is a former first-round pick of the Giants, and he lived up to the hype. Over 10 years in San Francisco, Williams was a four-time All-Star, won three Gold Glove awards at third base and three Silver Sluggers. As a manager, however, his resume is less impressive. 

Looking purely at his record, Williams' isn't one to scoff at. In two seasons as the Nationals' manager, he went 179-145 and was named the 2014 National League Manager of the Year. But when it mattered most, Bruce Bochy's Giants ran circles around Williams and the Nats in the 2014 NL Division Series. 

And when Washington fell apart in the second half of the 2015 season, Williams completely lost control of the clubhouse. One player even called playing under Williams a "terrible environment" when things weren't going right.

Williams is in his second season as the A's third base coach. 

Crossing the Bay 

Speaking of the A's, the name right under Williams is one the Giants should take a long look at. 

Eric Chavez, who won six Gold Gloves as a standout third baseman for the A's, is a young manager in waiting. It appeared he was next in line for the Angels when the franchise named him their Triple-A manager in August of last season, but the team went with Brad Ausmus to replace Mike Scioscia.

Chavez, 41, currently serves as a special assistant to Angels general manager Billy Epler, but he could make his way down to the field soon. As in as soon as 2020. He has experience as a player, coach and the front office at his young age, making him an intriguing option for any franchise looking for a new face to lead their big league club. 

Familiar faces

Matt Williams isn't the only name on this list that has Giants connections. Far from it actually. 

Here are all the other names BetDSI includes that have Giants ties as either a player, coach or broadcaster: Mike Matheny, Omar Vizquel, Ron Wotus, Carlos Beltran, Dusty Baker, Will Clark, Barry Bonds, Chili Davis, Randy Johnson, Buster Posey, Mike Krukow, Duane Kuiper, and Jon Miller.

The reality is, probably none of those names -- the realistic or comical -- will be the Giants' next manager. We'll get to that later.

Kruk & Kuip

The year is 2020. You're drinking the world's most rrrrrrrrreeeeeefreshing beer, Kruk and Kuip are co-managers, and they're mic'd up. That's entertainment. You're welcome.

Buster Posey, Giants "ploach" 

The last full-time MLB player-manager was Pete Rose. And ... we know how that turned out. Posey has put together a Hall of Fame career, and we'd rather see him in Cooperstown than banned from baseball. 

But, perhaps Posey could be a manager one day as he constantly displays his leadership. Plus, he's already the eyes of the field behind the plate, no matter how bad you want him at first base instead of catcher. The accolades are already there, too -- Rookie of the Year, MVP, six-time All-Star, and three-time World Series champion ... just to name a few. 

The reality

Back to reality. The Giants could go in-house with options like Wotus or Hensley Meulens. Both are worthy candidates who have put in their dues. But, this is a new regime as we've seen all offseason. 

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Giants president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi is sure to have names in mind. There are tons of names Zaidi will consider that haven't even been mentioned here, too.

For now though, let's soak in one last season of Bochy Ball.

Brawl between Ramon Laureano, Astros provides reminder for Giants

Brawl between Ramon Laureano, Astros provides reminder for Giants

MLB teams have spent the last couple of weeks reinforcing their health and safety protocols, and as the Giants embarked on this three-city trip, they made some changes, including to the types of masks that some members of the traveling party were wearing on flights. 

Every move is made with safety in mind, but on the field, it can still be hard to remember the backdrop of this season. That was the case Sunday, when A's outfielder Ramon Laureano charged the Astros dugout after hitting coach Alex Cintron reportedly made a vile comment about his mother. The ensuing fracas was a nightmare image for the league in an age of social distancing. Laureano is expected to get suspended, and Cintron could face a lengthy suspension for taunting a player into the incident.

A day later, as Gabe Kapler prepared for his turn with the Astros, the manager said the brawl was used by the Giants as a kickstart for another discussion about being responsible. He spoke to his large coaching staff Monday. 

"I think it's a reminder to be especially aware and sensitive that right now everybody has their stress levels at their highest, because not only are we combining the stress of a major league baseball season and a modified shortened sprint as it is, but we're also doing it under conditions that we've never seen before," Kapler said. "Just the awareness that we're probably already a little bit emotionally charged will help us stay cool under conditions that would normally force us to move out onto the field. 

"I think most of this is about just a heightened level of sensitivity and awareness that we're already pretty stressed out, and leading with a little bit of empathy and understanding, I think that'll put us in a good spot."

The Giants have already played seven games against the Dodgers without incident and shouldn't have any issues with the Astros. Aside from president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi, the former Dodgers GM, they don't have anyone who could have a real beef with the sign-stealing scandal that was the biggest story of this past offseason. 

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Some players have said it's extremely easy to hear conversations and expletives in these games being played without fans. The Astros have already had benches-clearing incidents with the Dodgers and A's, but Kapler said he hadn't heard anything thus far that stood out too much. 

"I've seen less jawing with the other team than I would normally see," he said. "There's kind of the same level of interaction with umpires that we've seen in the past. I think one thing that we've been considering is what's the best strategy there, since it's so easy to hear what we're saying to the umpire and to each other in the dugout. Sometimes it has to do with just kind of dialing our voices down a little bit."

Giants vs. Astros live stream: How to watch MLB games online, on TV

Giants vs. Astros live stream: How to watch MLB games online, on TV

The Giants continue their road trip Monday as they head to Houston to face the Astros for a three-game series. 

The Giants (7-10) are coming off a series where they dropped two of three to the Los Angeles Dodgers, but it's the Astros (6-9) that are reeling. Houston has lost five games in a row, and were just swept by the A's in Oakland.

This is the first time the Giants have faced the Astros this season. Logan Webb (1-0, 2.13 ERA) will start the first game of the series for San Francisco.

Here's how you can watch the Giants play the Astros online (download the MyTeams app here!) and on TV:

Monday, Aug. 10

When: Giants Pregame Live at 5:30 p.m. PT -- First pitch at 6:10 p.m. PT
TV: NBC Sports Bay Area
Stream: MyTeams app

Tuesday, Aug. 11

When: Giants Pregame Live at 5:30 p.m. PT -- First pitch at 6:10 p.m. PT
TV: NBC Sports Bay Area
Stream: MyTeams app

Wednesday, Aug. 12

When: Giants Pregame Live at 3:30 p.m. PT -- First pitch at 4:10 p.m. PT
TV: NBC Sports Bay Area
Stream: MyTeams app

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