Padres matched Giants' four-year granny total in two weeks

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The Slam San Diego Padres are making hitting grand slams look way too easy right now.

They became the first team Thursday to hit a grand slam in four straight games when Eric Hosmer went deep, and then broke another record Saturday by being the first team in MLB history to hit five grand slams in six days. San Diego now has six grand slams on the season. 

To put that into perspective, the Giants have hit six grand slams in the last four years. 

The Padres entered Sunday as the home run leaders in the NL with 54 as a team. This isn't just a post to praise the Padres, though. There's good news for Giants fans, too. 

The Giants' offense, especially their power, has greatly improved this season. After their 5-1 win Saturday night against the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Giants rank 12th in the majors with 36 home runs. That's good for fifth in the NL.

Coming into Sunday, the Giants' .254 team batting average in ninth in the majors, and sixth in the NL. They're fifth in baseball with 143 runs scored, which is third in the NL. And their .748 team OPS is 12th in the majors, putting them seventh in the NL.

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Through their first 29 games, 14 different Giants have gone deep this year. They have a surprisingly strong offense that has kept them in the playoff hunt. 


The Giants (13-16) are four games back of the second-place Padres (17-12). But they're just two games back in the NL wild-card standings. They'll have to stay hot offensively, and cross their fingers the Padres stop hitting dingers with the bases loaded.