"I always thought that giving up something to lure a star player was funny. It was just kind of my spin on it."

Jack Fritz is an evening show producer for SportsRadio 94WIP in Philadelphia and hosts the High Hopes Podcast -- a podcast dedicated to all things Phillies.

Naturally, being from that area, Fritz is a big advocate on wanting Bryce Harper to end up in the City of Brotherly Love.

And what's Fritz doing to make sure this wish comes to fruition? 

Introducing: #HarperLent. 

That's right, Harper Lent: giving up something you love in order to convince Harper to sign with your favorite team.

Fritz has been without beer for five days.

So brave. 

"I texted the guy I do the podcast with and I said 'You know what would be funny? Is if we had to give something up until Harper signs,"' Fritz told NBC Sports Bay Area.

Fritz wanted to make this a way to put a "kind of fake pressure" on Harper to make a decision.

"I think the idea of a bunch of Phillies fans putting the pressure on someone who has never heard of us, to sign with Philadelphia -- I thought was a really funny idea," he said.


Fritz is on the same boat as everyone else reflecting on the slowness of free agency this offseason. And despite the Phillies being the favorites to land Harper for a while, he admitted there were some apprehensions knowing the Giants were in on the Harper hunt.

"Now with the Giants coming in, everyone's kind of freaking out a little bit -- kind of panicking."

Fritz admitted Phillies fans were worried the Giants could really be a contender.

"The last couple of days have been very tense around the Philadelphia area."

He remains optimistic, however, that Harper will land with the Phillies, despite it sounding like a "homer thing." He did make some valid points about Harper's career numbers at Oracle Park. Nobody can deny that Harper has struggled offensively in San Francisco in the past. 

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"I still feel good about him coming to Philadelphia."

Fritz is deadset on this working for him. So much so he said he would only agree to the interview with me if Giants fans do not adopt it.

Which is OK because that means you can still drink beer.