Rams lineman Corbett 'ecstatic' watching Giants beat Dodgers

Austin Corbett

Austin Corbett looking to beat the 49ers twice this season, but he can't help being a fan of a different Bay Area team. 

The Los Angeles Rams offensive lineman rocked a Giants hat as he met the media Tuesday before training camp, and he won't hide his fandom. 

"That was the disappointing part about getting traded to LA was ... I'm still going to wear this black and orange hat, that's for sure," Corbett said. "Nothing is changing there."

Corbett, 25, is a Reno native who played collegiately for the University of Nevada, Reno and spent his first season and a half in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns before being traded to the Rams. He even attended one of the Giants' recent comeback wins against Kenley Jansen and the Dodgers in LA. 

"No one is expecting us to be here," Corbett said of the Giants. "We're happy to be here right now. Our bullpen has been great. We've been relying on home runs for sure. Hopefully, we keep those going. I was at the game the other night and Kenley struggled back-to-back nights. The fans were not happy, that's for sure.

"But I was ecstatic. I took my son for the first time. He saw his first win. It was a great night."

That sounds like a hell of an experience for Corbett and his young son. There's another problem, though. His new quarterback, Matthew Stafford, is childhood friends with Dodgers star Clayton Kershaw.

But no hard feelings so far.


"There's a little issue there. My wife is from Texas. They are from Texas. Hopefully, they can bond over that instead," Corbett said. "We won't worry about it."

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The Giants won another exciting comeback victory Tuesday night against the Dodgers, this time at Oracle Park

Come Nov. 15, when the Rams play the 49ers at Levi's Stadium, Corbett's love for the Bay Area is sure to take a backseat to the NFC West rivalry.

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