Ranking five best heated Giants-Dodgers altercations over last decade


Programming note: Beginning at 4 p.m. PT, watch the re-air of three Giants' classic wins over the Dodgers on NBC Sports Bay Area.

One of the most interesting parts of the Madison Bumgarner-Yasiel Puig feud is how often they've faced each other. Puig has 54 plate appearances against Bumgarner, easily his most against any pitcher since his 2013 debut. 

These two have three high-profile dustups and the best feud going right now, but when you think back to those moments and consider their whole history, it's funny to realize there were 51 other plate appearances where they simply battled it out as pitcher and batter.

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Neither is part of the rivalry now, but for a few years, they did more than anyone to keep Giants-Dodgers spicy. As NBC Sports Bay Area airs three rivalry games today, here's a look back at the five best rivalry moments of the last decade, with a heavy emphasis on two players who flat out don't like each other: