Red-hot Giants tied for worst odds to win World Series

USA Today

With half of the 2020 MLB season finished for most teams, World Series odds have been updated. 

The Giants are listed at +30000 ($10 wins $3,000) at William Hill. Those odds are tied with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Kansas City Royals and Seattle Mariners for the worst in MLB.

If the season ended Monday, the Giants would occupy the seventh playoff spot in the NL. The Pirates, Royals and Mariners would all sit in last place in their respective divisions. 

Prior to the start of the season, the Giants odds were +12500 ($10 wins $1,250) so their odds have actually gotten worse halfway through the season despite being in contention.

And it's not like the Giants have some insane second-half schedule to explain these odds either. 

Here's how the final 30 games break down: 

Padres: 7 games  Diamondbacks: 7 games Rockies: 6 games Mariners: 4 games Dodgers: 3 games A’s: 3 games

That amounts to 13 games against teams over .500 and 17 games against teams below .500. 

The Giants are still in the playoff hunt and if the season ended today, they would qualify. But William Hill is treating them like their season is already over and one of the worst teams in the league based on their odds.

Out of all the teams in the playoffs right now, aside from the Giants, the Miami Marlins have the second-worst odds to win the World Series at +15000 ($10 wins $1,500). That's a pretty sizable gap between the two. 


Look, it's still unlikely the Giants make the playoffs and there is even less of a chance that they win the World Series. But if you care about value when you place a bet, it's hard to come up with a better one than this.