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Security guard demoralized after 'error' in Giants-Rockies

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The Colorado Rockies lost their first five matchups with the Giants this year in part because of sloppy infield defense. On Wednesday afternoon, someone in purple finally made a clean play on a rolling grounder.

Unfortunately, that was a mistake, too. 

A Rockies security guard stationed down the left field line scooped up Thairo Estrada's double in the sixth inning while it was still in play, and he had a hilarious reaction when left fielder Sam Hilliard informed him that the rolling ball had not been ruled foul. The security guard immediately covered his face in horror. 

To be fair to the poor guy, the ball was about as close as it gets. Estrada hit it right over the bag and it was ruled fair by third base umpire Paul Emmel as third baseman Ryan McMahon threw his hands up in disappointment.

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The interference also didn't change the play at all, as Estrada would have cruised into second regardless and definitely would not have taken the risk of making the first out of the inning at third base. 

The mistake also might have brought the Rockies some good luck. Two strikeouts and a flyout followed, as Estrada was stranded on second. 

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