SAN FRANCISCO -- There were two rumors that floated out Friday morning about the Giants, and the two players involved are as different as can be. 

The Giants are, in fact, signing Hunter Pence to a big league deal. Pence was having a physical Friday afternoon and will get a big league roster spot when the deal is finalized, NBC Sports Bay Area has learned. That means one of the most popular players in recent franchise history can be the highlight at FanFest on Saturday. 

As for the other outfielder the Giants have been connected to, don't hold your breath waiting for Yasiel Puig. 

The Giants did recently have interest in the former Dodger, sources told NBC Sports Bay Area, but they characterized those talks as all but dead. The team still could add an outfielder before position players report to Scottsdale later this month, but after the signings of Pence and Billy Hamilton, Puig is no longer considered a likely option. 

Even before Friday's additions, the Giants weren't sure if Puig was a fit. Aside from the off-field and character concerns, Puig has reverse splits, so he's not a great partner for the left-handed hitting outfielders the Giants already have set for significant time. 

Pence is a nice platoon partner for Alex Dickerson, but the Giants also want to make sure they're giving playing time to their younger outfielders. Jaylin Davis, Steven Duggar, Austin Slater and Chris Shaw are among those they want to take a longer look at. 


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"That's really the question and the challenge, leaving some opportunity for that group of players," president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi said Thursday. "That may push us more, if we add someone, it's maybe not a 150-game everyday guy. It's maybe somebody who can be part of a rotation where there's still some playing time up for grabs for some of those younger guys."