Stat shows how dubious Giants' Opening Day collapse was

Mariners celebrate walk-off win

The Giants' blown five-run lead on Opening Day was just about the worst-case scenario, but it turns out the orange and black aren't the only owners of the dubious distinction.

Not that it'll make manager Gabe Kapler and his team feel much better.

The Giants became the sixth team since 1901 to blow a lead of (at least) five runs entering the eighth inning, according to Sportradar, following in the footsteps of the 1901 Milwaukee Brewers, 1925 Boston Red Sox, 1950 Red Sox, 1992 Mariners and 2002 Florida Marlins.

To make matters worse -- at least for those who believe in omens -- only the 1950 Red Sox ended their season with a winning record after starting it on the wrong foot. The Giants already had a difficult path through the NL West with two Southern California juggernauts presiding over the proceedings, so any superstitious -- or, even a little stitious -- Giants fans should proceed with caution Friday and beyond.

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The Giants can take solace that they didn't blow the biggest lead of any of the aforementioned teams. That crown belongs to the 1901 Brewers, who blew a 10-run lead heading into the bottom of the eighth inning.

And they didn't have Kevin Gausman look like an ace, either.

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