Mamma mia: Ex-player recounts Lincecum's $1K salad dressing bet

Tim Lincecum

Tim Lincecum always is one for a good time, and that included his final year in professional baseball when he pitched in 10 games of the Texas Rangers' Triple-A affiliate in Round Rock.

Tyler Wagner, one of Lincecum's teammates in Round Rock, shared a hilarious story about Big Time Timmy Jim on Twitter on Thursday. Wagner claims the Giants legend bet him $1,000 that he wouldn't drink an entire container of Italian dressing before their game.

Wagner came through and Lincecum paid up, even throwing in an extra $250 because it was "hard to watch."

Do you want any salad with your dressing, Tyler? Guess not.

Given Lincecum made $102.5 million during his MLB career, the $1,250 was well worth the entertainment value of watching Wagner choke down all that dressing.

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Honestly, Wagner should have upped the bet if he knew he was going to come through.

Perhaps Lincecum can buy him one of his odd In-N-Out orders next time the two see each other. It's the least Lincecum can do, right?

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