Bauer a great fit for Giants, but maybe not other way around


What would be weirder than a 60-game MLB season? Hmm ... perhaps free agency following said season?

While we don’t know how everything will unfold, one thing is for certain: As arguably the top pitcher available, Trevor Bauer is absolutely milking it. If you check out his tweets, you’ll see he’s making sure everywhere he travels is documented on social media.

He has mentioned Los Angeles, Boston, Washington ... and he’s only beginning. 

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But what about the Giants? Hmm …

He hasn’t mentioned them quite yet, but the fit isn’t farfetched, at least according to NBC Sports Bay Area's Giants insider Alex Pavlovic. But Bauer might be looking for something different.

“It’d be a great fit here,” Pavlovic said on the latest episode of Balk Talk. “I don’t know if he’s gotten to the Giants yet, but yeah -- in theory, that’s a great fit. They need starting pitching, they need an ace, it’s a good ballpark for pitchers. I just think, if I’m him, and I’m doing the one-year thing, I’m going somewhere where you’re going to be in the playoffs for sure.”

That's not a dig at the Giants -- they're just not expected to contend for the World Series next season. And while the team needs a strong starting ace, perhaps it's not the right fit. 


“Unfortunately, I just think [in San Francisco] you’re probably not a story,” Pavlovic added.

Pavlovic also suggested the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers might be better fits -- at least when it comes to their playoff outlook.

Bauer just completed a sensational season with the Cincinnati Reds in which he led the NL in ERA (1.73), pitched two shutouts, struck out 100 in 73 innings and posted a 0.795 WHIP.

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A Giants-Bauer pairing probably won’t happen -- but could you imagine the content? So good.