Look, we’re all trying to embrace sports as much as we can, despite how weird it is during a pandemic.

The Giants helped start the trend with implementing cardboard cutouts of fans and piping in crowd noise, and the A’s even had Tom Hanks (yes, that Tom Hanks) act as a fake hot dog vendor to yell during games. We’re all trying to make it work.

However, FOX Sports took it to another level Saturday in its MLB broadcasts, and put actual fans in the crowd -- well, virtually.

Most people weren’t too excited about it.

And FOX's rendition of the wave during the Giants-Dodgers broadcast was awful -- and not just because the wave is awful.

FOX, which also broadcast Saturday’s Brewers-Cubs game, wanted viewers to know they weren’t trying to trick anyone, as it was very clear the fans weren’t real. Perhaps the network believed filling those seats with even virtual fans would bring a sense of normalcy?


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Fans aren’t allowed at games at the moment, but there is a small paragraph in MLB’s operations manual that says “Clubs may permit fan attendance at games with the approval of MLB and relevant local authorities.”

Don’t get your hopes up for anything of sorts to happen soon. Until then, this and the cardboard cutouts likely will be the reality of the game.

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