Watch young Braxton Crawford perfectly mimic his dad's swing

Brandon Crawford, Giants

Have you ever watched Crawford bat? He makes this perfect box with his stance and has a beautiful follow-through from the left side.

I, of course, am talking about Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford’s 4-year-old son, Braxton.

Check this out:

Braxton, also a lefty batter, used one of those water tees to show off his swing, and the guy can rake. He’s even showing he squashes the bug (which was a staple at that age) during the slow-motion video from Brandon’s Instagram story.

If you can do a side-by-side of Braxton and his dad, you can see a bit of Brandon’s trademark wind up in the swing that he’s known for that shows off his power. You really could see the similarities.

Trust me, I watched it a ton of times. 

This video appears to be from this summer, but it also doesn’t seem like too much of a surprise. Young Braxton absolutely loves watching his dad play. He really missed seeing Brandon this season during a time when fans, including families, weren’t permitted to attend in most cases.

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Braxton explained what we were all thinking during the road trip from Scottsdale, Ariz., after spring training and quarantines to the Bay Area, saying he wished the coronavirus would just go away.

Hopefully this year, there will be a way where Braxton again can watch his dad play in person. Until then, he will be mastering his swing, and he’s well on his way to perfecting it.


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