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Editor's note: The Giants sorted through stacks of their own Topps baseball cards as part of the "In the Cards" series with NBC Sports Bay Area's Alex Pavlovic. The fourth edition is with Giants third baseman Evan Longoria. 

Evan Longoria keeps special memorabilia that he's collected during monumental moments of his career.

Whether some of those trinkets are baseball cards, we aren't sure, but one thing is for certain, he's curious about some of the fun facts you'll see on the jumbotron during at-bats.

In the latest episode of "In the Cards," we don't have a giant screen filled with facts, but we do have the backs of Topps baseball cards.

Longoria confirmed a few things: He does indeed love sushi and steak, and he does fancy himself a fantasy football aficionado.

He's a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan from his years playing for the Rays which is part of what drives his love for the sport of football.

And another fun fact is that he owns a restaurant, named "Ducky's," in Florida.

"Part-owner with three of my really good friends and it's a sports lounge, and yeah, we have a good time with it," Longoria said.

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You can watch the entire Topps "In the Cards" interview with Longoria including the moment he first saw himself on a baseball card, in the video player above.