Despite the term "offseason," there are no off days in baseball -- or any other sport really.

The players try to keep in tip-top shape as the winter months tick away and they daydream of Arizona and Florida temperatures.

While fans patiently, or not so patiently, wait for the games to start, Giants pitcher Dereck Rodriguez is taking every opportunity to work out -- and he's proving you don't need much in order to get a good sweat in: just a car.

Yes, a car.

Watch the Giants pitcher push this automobile with ease:

Rodriguez arrived in Puerto Rico, the homeland of his Hall of Fame father Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez, and has been keeping in shape both with and without the use of anything that needs four-wheel drive.

And we all know beach workouts aren't the easiest, either.

It looks like D-Rod has also spent some time with the youth of Puerto Rico while he's been there.

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Between eye-popping workouts and spending time with kids, it appears the 26-year-old is taking good advantage of the time he has in Puerto Rico.