Long makes Mets' Baez look foolish on wicked changeup


Sometimes, you need to remind yourself not to get too ahead of yourself. Even New York Mets second baseman Javier Báez needs to be reminded every now and then.

He got a little too excited and swung way early on a Sammy Long changeup in the bottom of the second inning during the Giants and Mets game Tuesday night at Citi Field.

Just watch:

Long’s changeup didn’t go over 80 mph that inning and his fastball topped out at only 93.6 mph. 

Báez ended up walking, but it didn’t mean much for the Mets. Earlier in the inning, the Giants scored twice on a Mike Yastrzemski two-run home run, and as of right now, the Giants lead, 7-0.

Báez was acquired by the Mets during a flurry of trade moves ahead of the July 30 deadline where the Chicago Cubs traded away their entire core. The Giants were able to snag Kris Bryant, who has been coming along wonderfully for his new team.

It turns out, the Bryant trade to the Giants almost didn’t happen. He was close to being a Met himself.

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The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal reported on Friday there almost was a blockbuster deal that would have sent Bryant, Báez and pitcher Trevor Williams to the Mets after there was uncertainty whether or not Jacob deGrom would stay healthy.

But … that obviously didn’t happen. 

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