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Watch DJ Cueto hilariously get music at Oracle changed

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Sundays at Oracle Park have always had a different vibe, with the legendary Mike Murphy playing Frank Sinatra hits in the Giants clubhouse before the game as players sipped coffee and the on-field work taking on a more relaxed tone.

But Johnny Cueto wanted to get fired up for a big start Sunday, and the Rat Pack wasn't going to cut it. 

Cueto had a hilarious back-and-forth with members of the ballpark operations squad as he warmed up Sunday, gesturing dramatically to get the ballpark's soundtrack changed. At one point Cueto pretended to fall asleep on the outfield grass, but he finally won out and then started dancing as he made his warm-up tosses. 

Cueto gave up two earned runs in 5 2/3 innings against the Arizona Diamondbacks, although he did get off to a slow start, allowing a leadoff homer. But perhaps that can be blamed on something else that happened before the first pitch. The umpires were five minutes later getting out to the field, apparently thinking the game started a bit later.