What Steph and Kittle admire most about 2021 Giants


It was a star-studded affair Thursday night at Oracle Park. 

The Giants battled against the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 5 of the NLDS, and fellow Bay Area sports superstars were on-hand for the game. 

Both Steph Curry and George Kittle were in attendance for the big game and were asked by Giants reporter Amy Gutierrez what they each admire most about the Giants. 

“Just the fact that you have the culture the Giants have created, the championship aspirations," Curry told Gutierrez. "This team had such a different narrative attached to them from the beginning of the season.”

“They just figure out a way to get it done and done by committee. They have this spirit of ‘we’re just going to win.’ It reminds me of our 2014-15 team where we knew we were good enough, but we haven’t proven it yet. They’re right on the precipice of getting to the next round. It’s just a spirit of winning that is sometimes hard to articulate, you just have that vibe. You can see it, they show it every night.”

“Other than the fact that they have an MLB-best 107 wins -- that’s pretty decent, you can’t get better than that, honestly," Kittle said. "Other than that, the energy they brought every single game, week-in and week-out, playoffs or not. To get to 107 wins, that’s incredible. To be a part of the energy here at the Giants stadium -- wooh -- it’s been a vibe and I can't wait to watch the rest of the game.”

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Both Kittle and Curry know a thing or two about deep playoff runs. Curry and the Warriors have won three titles, while Kittle and 49ers made a run to the Super Bowl just two seasons ago. 

If the Giants beat the Dodgers and advance to the NLCS, their run deep into October will create a lively atmoshphere in the Bay Area, where both Kittle and Curry's teams are hoping for playoff runs of their own.