Brandon Crawford got the best of his brother-in-law earlier this season.

On May 22, Crawford homered off of Houston Astros ace Gerrit Cole as Amy Cole, his sister and Cole's wife, watched from the stands. Cole's Astros got the last laugh, beating Crawford's Giants 11-2 that night. 

San Francisco and Houston will square off again in a two-game set starting Monday night, but Crawford and Cole renewed their rivalry before then. The two squared off in a trivia challenge at the All-Star Game in Washngton D.C. last month.

The subject? The one person both players know intimately well: Amy Cole herself. 

With a homer and a trivia win under his belt, it's fair to say Crawford has ownage against his brother-in-law in 2018. 

Cole won't get a chance to avenge his trivia loss this season, unless the Astros and Giants match up in the World Series. The 27-year-old is not set to pitch in either of the remaining games.