Where in the world is Barry Zito?

Well, the former Giants and A's pitcher just might be on your television set.

During Wednesday night's episode of "The Masked Singer" on FOX, Zito's name began trending on Twitter.

A coincidence? Possibly. But it sure seems like there's more to it.

One of the show's contestants is known as "The Rhino", for the corresponding costume he wears. While his voice has intentionally been distorted, the clues provided by The Rhino about their own identity sure do make it sound like Zito could be the one inside the costume.

Let's see ...

He refers to himself as a gentle giant. Which NL team did Zito pitch for, again?

There's a prominent placement of a pitcher of iced tea; he was a pitcher, after all.

The guitar? Self-explanatory.

Remember that time Zito dyed his hair blue? That might explain the blue wig.

The butterflies on the handlebars? Zito once wrote a song titled, 'Butterflies."

"Just a bit outside?" Come. On.

And if that doesn't confirm it for you, perhaps this will:

"You and I are on the same track, literally," The Rhino told singer and judge Robin Thicke.

Hmm ...


Remember Zito's song, "Butterflies?" Well, it's featured on the soundtrack of the 2012 movie, "A Thousand Words," starring Eddie Murphy. You know who else sings a song on that soundtrack?

That would be Thicke.

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I think not.

Typically, one contestant is eliminated per week, at which time his or her identity is revealed. The Rhino survived Wednesday's episode and seems to be one of the favorites, so it might be a bit longer until we can confirm our suspicions.