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Why Posey was swinging left-handed during Giants workout

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Buster Posey has accomplished just about everything in his big league career, but in more than 2,400 plate appearances at Oracle Park he has never put a ball in the water. Is that about to change?

The Giants have been sending out daily highlight reels from Scottsdale Stadium -- which was closed to the media and fans this week -- and Sunday's package included a few seconds of Posey hitting left-handed line drives during the workout. 

No, Posey is not actually trying to pull one into McCovey Cove this season. And he's not adding a new skill to stay out of the new regime's platoons. The drill is one hitting coach Donnie Ecker likes, and Curt Casali brought it up earlier this year when he signed with the Giants. 

"I've never had a hitting coach do this, he straight up challenged me," Casali said of Ecker, who came to the Giants from the Reds before the 2020 season. "He made me start hitting left-handed in the cage to work on symmetry."

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So there you have it. It's a fun spring training drill, and a way to break up the day during a time of year when that's hard to do sometimes.

Now, if the Giants could just send us clips of the Brandons hitting right-handed ... 

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