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Why Kuip thinks Yaz's slam can help Giants later in season

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Mike Yastrzemski

Duane Kuiper didn't get a chance to call Mike Yastrzemski's thrilling grand slam on Tuesday night, but he didn't need to be at Oracle Park to understand the significance of the blast. On the latest "Giants Talk" podcast, Kuiper explained how Tuesday's win was one the Giants can and will look back on later this season.

"It's one of those games where, when you're down as much as they were -- 7-0 -- and then you come back and win, it's one of those games where you put it on the shelf and it's always there to remind you that this team can do that, this team can come back," he said. "The way they did it really was extraordinary. It was such a great home win. Those are the wins you want to have at home, where your fans can actually enjoy it."

Yastrzemski's first career slam had Oracle Park shaking for several minutes, and afterward, the right fielder and teammates all said there was never any doubt in the dugout that the Giants could come back after falling behind by seven runs in the top of the second.

"I don't feel like we ever thought we were out of that game," manager Gabe Kapler said. 

The comeback was the best of the year. There was just one problem for their play-by-play man.

"I didn't see any of it," Kuiper said, smiling. 


Kuiper has missed several games while undergoing chemotherapy, but he hopes to be back in the booth soon. He is also dealing with a rib injury and spent that game trying to find a comfortable way to sleep, but he woke up at 6:30 the next morning and watched highlights. The Giants became the first MLB team this season to trail by seven runs and still win a game.

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"I just couldn't believe that they had taken the lead and won, and then I watched the highlights of the grand slam," Kuiper said. "It's one of those home wins that you have to savor because at some point during the season you're going to be hitting a stretch where things aren't going the right way and you're going to need games like that to go back to and say, hey this can be done and this group of guys is very capable of doing things like that.

"It was very exciting, especially for Yaz. Good for him."

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