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Kuip thinks Posey can enter spring with 'peace of mind'

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When Duane Kuiper had a question about something he was seeing from Chadwick Tromp during a game last year, he had the perfect person to text. Buster Posey had opted out of the season but was watching every night from home, so Kuiper fired off a message during the game and asked Posey for his take. An apologetic response came back a bit later. 

"Sorry, I missed two innings, I was changing diapers but I'll go back and look at what you're asking about and get back to you," Posey said. 

The diaper-changing was a big part of Posey's summer as he and his wife brought twin girls into a house that already included twins, and on Wednesday he dryly revealed it helped keep his arm in shape. The anecdote about whipping diapers at his nine-year-old, Lee, brought a smile to Kuiper's face, but as he kept track of the first day of action at Scottsdale Stadium, it was something else that stood out. On the first episode of the Giants Talk podcast, Kuiper said he caught some clips of Posey smacking line drives during the first day of BP. By all accounts, Posey looks ready. 

"That's not a swing that Giants fans are ever going to forget. It has stayed consistent since the day he got to the big leagues," Kuiper said. "Last spring, before the virus hit, he was really doing everything and looked great coming back from hip issues. Now he's had another year off health-wise. The other thing, too, that he's going to have this spring is a lot of peace of mind.


"Doesn't have to worry about his health. Doesn't have to worry about the new twins he's got. Doesn't have to worry about winning a job. He can just really be there to get to know the staff. He's only caught one of the starters and that's Johnny Cueto, so he's got a lot of learning to do in that department and then get his swing down."

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Posey has mostly stayed out of the public eye since opting out last July, but he held a virtual charity event to benefit childhood cancer earlier this month and Kuiper and the rest of the broadcast team joined in. Kuiper said he noticed that Posey looked bigger in a good way, and that's something that has stood out to Giants coaches, as well. Posey, who turns 34 this spring, appears to have put on some extra muscle during the offseason. 

"I feel good. I feel like I'm in good shape," he said Wednesday. "I've had a little bit of extra time to work out and get in shape. I mean, it's too early, and I'm sure I'm going to go through soreness like anybody else these first couple weeks of camp, but yeah, I'm definitely excited to be back out there."