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Why ex-Giant Vogt believes 'sky is the limit' for Bart

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Stephen Vogt will return to Oracle Park to face the Giants on Friday night with the Arizona Diamondbacks. When he does so, the Giants will have a new face in the dugout. Vogt was informed Thursday during an appearance on KNBR that Joey Bart had just been called up.

Vogt, who worked with Bart last spring, lit up, then joked about the timing of it all. 

"Obviously I wish they would have waited a few more days to bring him up," Vogt said. 

Vogt and Bart were both in Giants camp last spring, and while Vogt never saw Bart in the minors or majors last year, he saw enough in those workouts and exhibitions at Scottsdale Stadium to feel confident about the top prospect's future. 

"This guy is going to be a really good catcher for a very long time," Vogt said. "I know the bat is going to get a lot of talk but my experience with him was just he's somebody that has 'it.' He's well beyond his years as far as his IQ, his work ethic. He wants to work."

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Vogt said Bart is a "great kid" and they kept in touch during the season, with Bart playing at High-A and Double-A and Vogt turning into a wildly popular and productive backup for Buster Posey. Vogt said that Bart's defensive skills are what stood out. He expects those to only improve under Giants catching coach Craig Albernaz, one of Vogt's good friends.


"When you're doing drills in spring training you watch his hands. He's got great hands, he's a great athlete back there. He blocks well, throws well," Vogt said of Bart. "Joey has it. He's got great hands and he understands how to work underneath the ball and bring it back into the zone. He's going to continue to work and put the time in. 

"This is a guy, like I said, the IQ is really, really good. I was really impressed by how he was calling games in spring training at his age. Really, the sky is the limit, and I think he's going to be a very good defensive and offensive catcher for a long, long time."