While we wait on a decision as to whether or not 2020 will host a baseball season, and with new agreements in place, it’s an opportunity to take a glance at the 2021 overview. 

That means that despite the possibility of no baseball being played, the contract years belonging to players would still count. Yes, even for Mookie Betts, who was acquired by the Dodgers with one year left on his contract. 

For the Giants, there are a few particular players that would be impacted, but on the other side, the future of the team looks very bright. 

ESPN’s Buster Olney detailed the team that is coming close to freeing themselves of some big financial obligations.

This is pitcher Jeff Samardzija’s final contract year with a likelihood of Buster Posey, Brandon Belt, Brandon Crawford and Johnny Cueto’s contracts ending after the 2021 season. That leaves a lot of money to spend on upcoming talent and free agency.

Giants president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi's original plan included fresh faces. 

When he was brought into the organization, Zaidi said from the beginning to keep an eye on the young talent that stretches beyond top prospects Joey Bart, Marco Luciano and Heliot Ramos. Those young guys are going to make a big impact on the team. That was the message even before spring training, 


The Athletic’s Keith Law ranked the Giants’ farm system at No. 10 heading into what would have been Opening Day. He stated there is very low risk or no return as to why he stamped them at that spot.

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The Giants essentially would be able to build from the ground up which is yet another one of Zaidi’s plans toward a brighter future. This was in the cards all along, but it appears those cards are about to save face earlier than anticipated. 

Mission accomplished? Perhaps.