Why White Sox Marshall was 'huge' Bonds guy growing up


It’s a rare occasion when you’re allowed to root for two MLB teams at the same time. 

Perhaps you use that old excuse where you dub one your National League team while grasping on to an affinity for a squad in the American League. But when it comes to the A’s and the Giants, Bay Area native Evan Marshall’s heart had more orange and black hues than green and gold. 

The White Sox reliever is a Sunnyvale native, and admitted he had more of an 80/20 ratio toward San Francisco growing up. And naturally, it was because of one guy.

“I was a Giants fan first and foremost,” Marshall said in a recent episode of Balk Talk. “I went to Candlestick [Park] when I was young … if you have to choose between going to that stadium or going to The Coliseum to watch a game, it was pretty easy to go to a Giants game, plus I was a huge Barry Bonds guy.”

“I went and sat in those left-field bleachers all the time and he was my guy,” Marshall added.

Marshall gave props to the A's "Big Three" of Mark Mulder, Tim Hudson and Barry Zito, of course. That’s a rite of passage.

“Those guys were nasty,” Marshall said.

But when in doubt, his allegiance was to the Giants.

“More than anything it was Barry Bonds and Tim Lincecum,” Marshall said.

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How can you argue with that? You can listen to the rest of the podcast episode below, and you can also find out why the White Sox are a team you won’t want to sleep on.