Would Giants fans prefer to face Dodgers or Cardinals in NLDS?


The Giants officially have punched their ticket to the National League Division Series, after beating out the Los Angeles Dodgers for the NL West division title. 

Now they wait and see whether they will face off against the Dodgers or St. Louis Cardinals in the division series. 

The Cardinals are (on-paper) the easier opponent, with the Dodgers' loaded roster appearing to be a daunting task for any opposing team. However, the Cardinals ended the season as the hottest team in all of baseball. Which team would you prefer? 

Giants fans on Twitter have made their voices heard: 

Collecting a resounding 64 percent of the vote, the majority of Giants fans polled would prefer to face off against the Cardinals, whom the Giants organization has a recent history of beating repeatedly in the postseason. 

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The lesser of two rosters is appealing to most Giants fans, as the rival Dodgers (albeit very exciting) would present a tougher matchup for San Francisco. 

Whether the Giants face off against the Dodgers or Cardinals remains to be seen. The two teams play Wednesday evening in Los Angeles with the winner traveling to San Francisco for Game 1 of the NLDS on Friday. 

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