The thought of Yasiel Puig as a member of the Giants is ... weird. Or is it?

With president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi having a past with the Dodgers, it wouldn't be an acquisition out of left, or right field. It's certainly an intriguing thought, according to Mike Krukow.

The Giants broadcaster stopped by KNBR on Thursday and didn't shut down the possibility of the Giants acquiring Puig. 

"Would I like to see Puig? I always thought 'I don't know about that," Krukow said. "He's energy, he's strength ... "

Krukow then referred to a tweet by The San Francisco Chronicle's Henry Schulman that made Kruk smile and had him thinking -- well, why not?

“Here’s a guy that’s got some credentials, got some power, got a great arm. How much fun would it be to watch that arm in right field?”

The need for a power bat stretches across the league, but even more so for someone playing half of his games at the pitcher-friendly Oracle Park.

Despite Giants fans not liking the former Dodger with extra pizazz, Zaidi is one to at least consider all options. And Puig has seven years in the league and has seen his fair share of the NL West opponents, having spent six seasons with Los Angeles.

"With Farhan Zaidi, it never stops," Krukow said. "He's always looking to improve his club."


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Plus, Giants CEO Larry Baer recently said he wants to embrace the bat flips (or in this case, bat licks) and authentic personalities of the game as MLB tries to find better ways to market players. Puig certainly would fit right in that mold.

Last season for the Reds and Cleveland Indians, Puig slashed .267/.327/.458 with 24 home runs and 84 RBI.