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When you get them in the same building, all eyes are on Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Everyone already knows the background, we're not going there. 

The two are no longer teammates, but for one weekend they have been again for the last two years in the NBA All-Star Game. To no surprise, Durant was asked about his current relationship with Westbrook. His answer went deeper than he's given in the past two years. 

When asked about how his relationship with Westbrook has progressed, Durant said, "Well I just got outta my own head, got out of my own ways and stopped thinking it was even a thing. I feel like I f---ed that up. I feel like I made it a thing when it a thing when it shouldn't have been.

"It's cool to kind of get past that and just appreciate these guys for who they are and what they do. And it's all love at the end of the day." 

Westbrook was also asked about how he and Durant have interacted so far during All-Star weekend. 

"Communicatin', that's about it. All the other stuff is kind of irrelevant. Just keeping it cool, talking when we need to and just moving forward."