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INDIANAPOLIS – Coach Kyle Shanahan admitted he is concerned about the future of Reuben Foster after the linebacker was arrested twice shortly after his rookie season.

“Yeah, any time you’ve gotten in trouble, whether – we’re talking about a case and I’m not sure whether anything’s going to happen or not – but if any of that stuff does come out, you’re subject to being suspended from the league,” Shanahan said Thursday at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Approximately a month after Foster was arrested in Alabama for possession of marijuana, he was arrested in Los Gatos on charges of domestic violence, threats and possession of an assault weapon.

The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office is reviewing Foster’s case to determine if there is enough evidence to file criminal charges. Foster is also subject to an NFL suspension under the league’s policies on personal conduct and substances of abuse.

“So any time that stuff starts happening, regardless of what they decide, that’s always a risk,” Shanahan said. “We’re well aware of that, and we have to take that into account. He has put us in a tough situation. Hopefully, it works out for all sides. But that is realistic. If I said it wasn’t, that wouldn’t be very smart of me."

Shanahan said he spoke to Foster this offseason about why these incidents have occurred in the offseason.

“Reuben was great for us when he was around and things have happened since he’s been gone, and those are things we have to address and things we need to make sure he learns how to do things the right way,” Shanahan said. “I want to help Reuben out, just like I want to help any of our players out. But it’s a two-way street, and they have to meet us there. And there comes a lot of responsibility with that.”