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Warriors to rotate trio of centers as starter based on best matchup


Warriors to rotate trio of centers as starter based on best matchup

OAKLAND -- With the Warriors driving toward the postseason, coach Steve Kerr is ready to make a few changes, one of them involving his centers.

Though Zaza Pachulia has been the usual starter, he will come off the bench for the second consecutive game Saturday, when the Warriors face Oklahoma City.

JaVale McGee is making his second straight start, a move that will delight a vocal segment of the Warriors fan base.

And once rookie Jordan Bell returns -- he’s physically ready but the Warriors are being cautious -- he also will be added to the equation.

“The rotation could change,” Kerr said prior to tipoff against the Thunder. “We’ve got a ton of centers and they all do different things. We could start any of them.

“And it may turn into a matchup thing, based on who we’re playing.”

Kerr declined to commit to Pachulia returning to the starting lineup, so count on matchups being the primary factor.

If the Warriors are facing a physical bruiser, Pachulia could get the call.

If it’s a hyperactive 7-footer, such as Thunder big man Steven Adams, McGee will be the likely starter.

If it’s a bouncy young athlete, such as Houston’s 6-9 Clint Capela, expect the Warriors to turn to Bell.

Asked specifically what his plans are over the final 22 games, Kerr said he had not decided.

“Right now, obviously, we’re just going with JaVale to see how this looks,” he said. “It was a good result the other night.”

Facing Clippers big man DeAndre Jordan on Thursday, McGee started and played 14 minutes in a 134-127 Warriors victory.

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