If given the choice, most people probably would tell you they were intrigued by the possibility of seeing what their appearance looks like in the future. FaceApp has gone viral recently by doing just that, using artificial intelligence technology to simulate what someone will look like when they reach old age. This movement has generated some amazing memes and is just the latest filter to become a sensation on social media.

People all over the internet have been posting both pictures of themselves and of celebrities with the old-age filter applied.

The sports world has jumped in on the phenomenon, as the Kings posted photos of all of their players on Twitter with the filter applied, and some of the results will frighten you.

Trevor Ariza, whom the team signed in free agency, was the first player to be featured.

Next up was 2018 No. 2 overall pick Marvin Bagley III, fresh off his internet rap battle with Oakland native Damian Lillard.

Harrison Barnes found himself third in the rotation and appears to be adding a gray beard in his hypothetical old age.


The Kings included the entire roster in the thread, and what happened to Yogi Ferrell?

Others from around the NBA also shared their own photos with the filter, providing some hilarious reactions.

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While we've got quite a few years before any of these players come close to the ages being resembled by the application, it certainly provides some humor as we finally enter a quiet period of the NBA offseason.