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Len given flagrant for slapping Haliburton in Kings' win

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The Kings lack that a player that's willing to knock someone down. It was evident when Chimezie Metu was pulled off the rim by Memphis Grizzlies big man Jonas Valanciunas earlier in the season, leaving the Kings' two-way player with a broken wrist. That's not the only incident where the Kings reacted poorly to physical play by an opponent.

When Sacramento faced off with Alex Len and the Washington Wizards on Wednesday, they were reminded of a player they had non the roster last season that was willing to mix it up. Unfortunately for rookie Tyrese Haliburton, he learned about what type of player Len is first hand in the Kings' win.

Len is an enforcer. The fact that this play wasn't called a flagrant foul on the spot is unexplainable. And the officiating crew of Sean Wright, Brent Barnaky and CJ Washington not only missed the call, but they didn't take 30 seconds to review it after the fact.

On Friday morning, the league announced that after further review, Len should be assessed a Flagrant 1 for the play, which will cost the 7-footer some cash.

The job of an NBA official is difficult, but Len's foul was egregious. Haliburton stayed down on the court for a few seconds and when he stepped to the line to shoot a free throw after drilling the three, his face was red and his eyes were watering. 

Kings fan Brett Huff may have captured the play perfectly with his response. 


The NBA's Last Two Minute report also has the officiating crew missing a crucial foul against Deni Avdija on De'Aaron Fox with 30.1 seconds remaining in the fourth. 

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"Avdija (WAS) moves into Fox (SAC) and initiates contact that affects his shot attempt."

The Kings were lucky enough to come away with the 121-119 victory, but easily could have gone a different way if it wasn't for errant final inbound from former league MVP Russell Westbrook.