Buddy Hield's added year of age isn't a big deal -- until contract time


Buddy Hield's added year of age isn't a big deal -- until contract time

Buddy Hield says the additional year of life the NBA has withheld from him is just an administrative cock-up, and that he won’t some day wake up with Vlade Divac’s face.
But if he does, we’ll know why, and it won’t end well.
The Kings star-in-progress admitted to Comrade Ham that in fact the considered-old-as-a-rookie-and-older-now is actually 26 rather than 25, the sort of error we typically associate with Little League parents, and is actually no big deal at all.
That is, except for the fact that Hield’s mother was the one who noticed the error on and neither Hield, the Kings nor the league ever bothered to change it. You don’t ignore Mom and not pay for it later.

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As for the fact that Hield has aged the rest of the Kings by a year, well, it doesn’t add anything to his personal odometer. Age is a false construct in sports, but miles are not. Hield didn’t lose 82 games worth of leg spring or lung capacity.

But, Hield’s medical history was problematic enough, and now to find out that he’s a year closer to AARP membership, well, it can’t possibly be helpful.
Actually, though, there is an effect that could hamper Hield down the road – namely, and of course you guessed it already – his contract status.
The problem won’t hit in 2020, when his second contract has to be negotiated, but he has already done four years in college and that deal won’t start until he's almost 28. The contract after that could well use his added year against him. 
But not even the Kings are that diabolical, or typically that forward-thinking. True, their website had his date of birth wrong, but so did nearly everyone else interested in Hield’s birthday.
No, I prefer to think that this is Vlade’s Balkan wizardry run amok. He made Hield older, even if only inadvertently, and frankly, that can only make the Kings of the future even more difficult to build.
Unless, of course, they start drafting players with a promise that they’ll be able to buy liquor sooner than their classmates. At 20, that can be a true selling point.

Kings vs. Melbourne United live stream: How to watch NBA preseason game


Kings vs. Melbourne United live stream: How to watch NBA preseason game

The Sacramento Kings opened their preseason slate internationally with two games in India, and in a sense, they will close the preseason with an international flavor. 

Sacramento will host Melbourne United of the National Basketball League on Wednesday night at Golden 1 Center. 

But the Kings will be without key players in point guard De'Aaron Fox and big man Harry Giles, among others. Here is the Kings' full injury report. 

Two Kings vying for a big payday will be on the court, though. Both Buddy Hield and Bogdan Bogdanovic will try to prove they're worth large contract extensions before the Oct. 21 deadline. 

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Here's how you can watch the Kings play Melbourne United in their final preseason game, exclusively on the MyTeams app.

When: Wednesday, Oct. 16, at 7 p.m. 
Live Stream: MyTeams app

NBA rumors: Buddy Hield, Kings $20M apart in contract extension talks


NBA rumors: Buddy Hield, Kings $20M apart in contract extension talks

The Kings and shooting guard Buddy Hield reportedly aren't seeing eye-to-eye right now.

Yahoo Sports' Chris Haynes reported Wednesday that Hield and the Kings are $20 million apart in talks of a contract extension. According to Haynes, the Kings have made a substantial four-year, $90 million contract extension offer to Hield. But Sacramento’s sharpshooter reportedly is looking for something closer to a four-year, $110 million extension from the team.

The reported divide between the two sides is large, although not insurmountable. If the figures are correct, Sacramento basically is offering $5 million per year less than what Hield is asking for. There might be room for some common ground in between these two figures.

The two sides have until Oct. 21 to come to an agreement on an extension. If they don’t, Hield will enter next summer as a restricted free agent, if the team extends a $6.5 million qualifying offer.

Once the qualifying offer is extended, the Kings would have the right to match any offer for the 26-year-old guard.

In his third NBA season, Hield led the Kings in scoring at 20.7 points per game. He also established a new NBA record for most 3-pointers through three seasons, hitting a team-record 278 triples last season to push his career total to 602.

Hield is the first of four members of the team's young core to come up for extension over the next 24 months. Bogdan Bogdanovic is eligible for a four-year, $51.7 million extension, but he has until June 30 to either accept the deal or head into the summer as a restricted free agent.

De’Aaron Fox also becomes eligible for an extension next summer, and the Kings face the same fate with Marvin Bagley in the summer of 2021.

Fox was clear last week that he would love to see the Kings keep Hield and the rest of the team's young players together. Hield also has made it known he would like to stay in Sacramento.

Kings general manager Vlade Divac and his staff have done a quality job of keeping salary cap flexibility over the last few seasons with an eye on this moment. The only contract they have that is guaranteed beyond 2021 is forward Harrison Barnes, who the team inked to a new four-year, $85 million declining value deal in July.

Hield and the Kings have five days to work something out. If not, they have to table the discussion until after the season.