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How Mitchell hopes to reach Fox's star level with Kings

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Davion Mitchell

Davion Mitchell is an old soul and doesn't give off rookie vibes to his Kings teammates.

The Baylor product's demeanor has impressed star guard De'Aaron Fox, who has taken to mentoring Mitchell. As Mitchell learns from Fox, he hopes to one day elevate his game to match his star running mate.

"Yeah, man, Fox kind of took me under his wing," Mitchell told Kings media Tuesday. "I love watching him play, man. His pace is -- I want to get there one day where he is so fast but you don't know because he plays so slow and then uses his speed when he has to. It's like somewhere I am looking forward to getting to and I'll just keep watching him and keep playing against him, I think I'll be able to get there."

The Kings drafted Mitchell with the No. 9 overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, hoping to pair the defensive-minded guard with Fox and Tyrese Haliburton to create a three-guard lineup that will give head coach Luke Walton a lot of versatility.

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While Mitchell is old as far as NBA rookies go at age 23, that doesn't mean the NBA game is going to be without its adjustments for the young guard who already is living at the Kings' facility.

"Just to get up to the speed of the game," Mitchell said when asked about the biggest challenge of going from college to the NBA. "The shot clock is shorter, there is a lot more space. You know, in college you want to get a good open shot, jump stop, stuff like that. In the NBA, you have to take the open shot when you are open. Like I said, the speed of the game is something I am getting used to."


The Kings' have been putrid defensively for the last handful of years, an issue that has seen them tie an NBA record 15 straight years without a playoff berth. Mitchell knows his intensity on defense is something that can help the Kings immediately as he works to improve other aspects of his game to eventually become the star-caliber backcourt mate for Fox and Haliburton that the Kings envision.

"For me, just being that dog defensively," Mitchell said when asked what he would bring to a three-guard lineup. "Do whatever it takes to win. Offense, play off the ball, whatever I got to do to win, I'm going to do it."