On Sunday, Mavericks center DeAndre Jordan grabbed 23 rebounds against the Kings.

On Wednesday night, Thunder bruiser Steven Adams also grabbed 23 rebounds against the Kings.

After the Kings' 132-113 loss to Oklahoma City, Willie Cauley-Stein was asked about those gaudy rebound numbers. The answer the big man gave rubbed some Kings fans the wrong way.

"They get paid $100 mill to do that, so if they're not doing that, you're looking at them differently," Cauley-Stein told reporters in Sacramento. "Y'all get paid $100 mill to rebound and block shots. Me looking in on that, that's big time. You know, Steven's a helluva player, me playing against him, and he's doing that, he gets paid $100 mill to do that."

Some fans seem to be interpreting Cauley-Stein's comment to mean that he doesn't grab 23 rebounds because the Kings aren't paying him $100 million.

Check out the replies to this tweet by KHTK's Matt George:

Cauley-Stein is being paid $4.696 million to grab a career-high 8.2 rebounds per game. In case you were wondering, Cauley-Stein pulled down 15 total rebounds in the two games in question.