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Playing against Curry a 'dream come true' for Haliburton

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Imagine stepping on the floor for one of your first NBA preseason games as a rookie knowing that your assignment on the defensive side of the ball is to guard sure-fire Hall of Famer Stephen Curry.

Welcome to Tyrese Haliburton’s world.

The Kings’ 20-year-old guard chased Curry all over the court and actually held his own against one of the greatest shooters the NBA has ever known.

“It was awesome,” Haliburton said of the experience. “Just being a fan of the game of basketball.”

Despite being just 20-years-old, Haliburton said he remembers watching Curry during his college career at Davidson. Curry is a player he’s admired from afar, but now he can say he’s not only been on the same court, but chased him around the court.

“I’ve basically been watching him since he kinda came to the public scene,” Haliburton said. “Being able to play against him was honestly a dream come true in the sense of I’ve looked up to him since I began playing basketball.”

Haliburton loves to study film of players and learning from Curry has been part of his process, even if it’s focused on how to slow the two-time NBA MVP.

“He does everything at a high level, obviously, he’s one of the best players in our league,” Haliburton said. “Has been for a half a decade or so. Definitely a guy you can learn something from at all times.”


While playing against Curry is a dream come true for Haliburton, he has another circled on his calendar that he’s looking forward to.

“Steph was definitely one of the top guys that was a surreal moment, but I think the biggest one for me, growing up a 2000s kid, is going to be LeBron [James],” Haliburton said. “Just looked up to him my whole life, so to share a court with him, be on the court with him at the same time, that would be pretty crazy.”

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It’s a month of firsts for Haliburton. He just finished his first preseason stretch, which included things like the medical staff placing him on a minutes restriction. He’s looked very solid and comfortable on the court.

As for playing against LeBron, he’ll have to wait until the Lakers come to Sacramento on March 3 at the earliest.