Of the 15 players on the Kings' roster, just four currently are at least 28 years old. 

As one of those four elder statesmen in Sacramento, Iman Shumpert recently took it upon himself to bestow a nickname upon his fellow teammates, and, well ... let's just say it's not as original as some of the hairstyles he's featured throughout his eight seasons in the NBA.

"We're the 'Scores,' " Shumpert told media following Kings practice Tuesday. "That's who we are."

Excuse me, Shump? Care to explain?

"We come, we're trying to score fast, we're trying to score it at a high rate," Shumpert elaborated. "We've got a lot of young bodies that ... I think it's cool to be on a team where you don't know who's going to score it."

"I could have a good night, Justin [Jackson] could have a good night, De'Aaron [Fox] could have a good night, Buddy [Hield], [Bogdan Bogdanovic] ... it doesn't matter," Shumpert continued. "Willie [Cauley-Stein] could have big nights, Harry [Giles] could have big nights. It doesn't matter who has it, and we don't care. We're just gonna share the sugar. Whoever's going, that's who we're feeding, and we're playing off the energy."

Despite losing their last two games, the Kings sit at 10-10 on the season, and have been one of the bigger surprises in either conference. There's a joy surrounding the team that has been missing in recent years, and Shumpert's nickname choice undoubtedly was born out of that jubilance.

The "Scores", though? Really?


"I think calling us the 'Scores' just is a little reminder for everybody that, you know, we all can do it," Shumpert said. "We can all score the ball. It doesn't matter who scores it, we just gotta win."

The Kings might just need to win. But this nickname?

That gets a big, fat "L."