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Hield fined $20K for yelling at refs after Kings' loss to Bucks

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Buddy Hield’s wallet just got a little bit thinner. The NBA announced Monday that the Kings’ starter was hit with a $20,000 fine for directing inappropriate language toward game officials.

Following the Kings’ one-point loss to the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday night, Hield allowed his frustrations towards the officiating crew show. While leaving the court, Hield could be seen saying something to the crew when he walked past them at half court.

Hield didn’t stop there. Cameras followed him as he continued to engage the trio of James Williams, Mark Linday and Mousa Dagher. Before cameras stop, you can even catch Hield saying a few of the magic words that earn you a fine almost every time.

$20,000 is a steep price to pay for allowing your emotions to get the best of you, but Hield should be okay. He’s in the first year of this four-year, $86 million extension that pays him $24,431,818 this season.