Kings' Mitchell to have fans choose first NBA Top Shot play

Davion Mitchell, Donovan Mitchell

Davion Mitchell already has had a few impressive moments early on in his Kings tenure that are bound to end up on NBA Top Shot.

But which early highlight will be "Off Night's" first NFT?

The Kings rookie is going to let the fans decide.

"I have a partnership with Top Shot, excited to see my debut moment. Fans get the chance to pick that moment, so I'm excited for it," Mitchell told reporters Tuesday (h/t Sean Cunningham).

While it will be up the fans to decide, Mitchell knows which play he hopes is his first Top Shot: a strip steal of Donovan Mitchell from the Kings' game against the Utah Jazz.

"Hope so," Mitchell said when asked if he thought the theft of the Jazz star would win the vote.

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Mitchell is just three games into his NBA career, but he already is garnering praise from some of the NBA's best players for his ability on the defensive end.

“First off, [Davion] is as advertised,” Donovan Mitchell told reporters on Friday night. “He does a lot of solid things that disrupted not only myself, but a lot of us.”

Following the Warriors' win over the Kings on Sunday, Steph Curry also gave props to the rookie who he believes has a bright NBA future.

“Just the confidence of a guy coming in his third game in the league ... you could definitely tell he has all the tools in the kit to be a defensive stopper.” Curry said.


After being the worst defensive team in the NBA last season, Mitchell has given the Kings some much-needed juice on the defensive end of the court, and it's only fitting that his first Top Shot is a defensive highlight.