NBA: Kings hurt by three missed calls in loss to Pacers


The Kings nearly came back from a 19-point deficit against the Indiana Pacers on Friday night, and the referees at Gainbridge Fieldhouse certainly didn't help Sacramento's cause.

In its latest Last Two Minute Report, the NBA admitted officials missed three calls in the final two minutes of the Kings' 107-104 loss to the Pacers -- all of which would have favored Sacramento.

The Kings' one-possession loss came down to the wire, making the trio of missed calls, which all came while the score was 107-104, even more painful.

First, Indiana center Myles Turner should have been called for an offensive foul with 1:51 remaining in the fourth quarter after he tripped Sacramento guard Terence Davis.

"Turner (IND) takes an extra step forward and establishes a wide screening position prior to initiating foot-to-foot contact with Davis (SAC), dislodging Davis as the pick is set," the report states.

Eleven seconds later, referees missed another call on Turner -- this time, a three-second violation that would have given the Kings the ball with 1:40 left.

Lastly, Sacramento was robbed of another possession on an out-of-bounds ball with 1:24 remaining. Officials ruled the ball touched Kings center Domantas Sabonis' hand before going out of bounds, but the NBA's report states it actually touched Turner's hand last.

The NBA also confirmed officials made the correct non-call with eight seconds left in the game, when it appeared as if Sabonis was fouled by Pacers forward Aaron Nesmith.


The report states: "Nesmith (IND) brings his hand to Sabonis' (SAC) back and marginal contact occurs as Nesmith releases away to retrieve the rebound as it falls overhead."

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The Last Two Minute Report has not been kind to the Kings this season, and that trend continued Saturday.

But despite plenty of missed calls against them, the Kings sit high at No. 3 in the Western Conference standings as they look to make their first NBA playoff appearance in 16 seasons.