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Haliburton joins NBA Top Shot craze, promotes teammate Hield

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Tyrese Haliburton is so much more than a basketball player. He's also a walking, talking billboard and his latest obsession is NBA Top Shot.

In case you've missed the craze, Top Shot is a virtual trading card that captures a live-motion highlight. It's slightly complicated, but landing a pack of cards from the popular app is like finding a PlayStation 5 the week before Christmas.

"I've been on NBA Top Shot all day, just been on there getting cards and stuff," Haliburton said without solicitation. "This is the first time I've been on there."

High on the list for Haliburton is a special highlight of teammate Buddy Hield going baseline against the Knicks' Mitchell Robinson for a reverse dunk. 

"I'm going to put you all on a card right now," Haliburton said. "There's a Buddy Hield Halo, Series 1, a reverse dunk over Mitchell Robinson. There's only 50 in existence and you will never see Buddy do that again. So get that while you can. I'm just letting you know."

The Top Shot version of Hield's cards sold for anywhere from $8,000-$250,000 before Haliburton mentioned it during post game. The price has now jumped with a minimum sales price of $17,500.

"Invest early, we're still at the ground level, we can take this to the moon," Haliburton pitched. 


You can buy, sell and trade the highlights and they are quickly becoming a major thing on social media.

"There two things that a lot of us love -- money and basketball," Haliburton said. "So, put them together and good things can happen."

The media isn't the first one to hear Haliburton's elevator pitch. He's hit up friends at home, as well as his teammates.

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"They've been talking about that for two days," De'Aaron Fox said. "I, for one, am not, but we got a few guys and coaches and staff that have definitely jumped in."

The rookie point guard has made a habit out of not only asking for recommendations, but also wearing local apparel during his media sessions. He has a knack for promoting products, which will likely play out well long term for the multi-talented young man. 

As for Top Shot, Haliburton is all in. It's giving him something to do during a long road trip and who knows, the investment may pay off in the long run for the 20-year-old. 

"You guys might think I'm crazy, but we're at the ground level of what this can be," Haliburton said. "I promise you."

Maybe Haliburton will join the Reddit army that has blown up the stock market or drive up the price of Dogecoin next. It's always good to diversify your portfolio.