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Kings' Haliburton surprises mother with new Range Rover

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Being a parent of a competitive athlete takes sacrifice. Weekends are a thing of the past. Countless dinners in fast food drive thru’s are the norm. Text threads for ride sharing, packing extra socks for the kid who always forgets and the purchase of a minivan, instead of that much cooler car you really want -- these are the realities.

Watching your children grow, make friends, succeed, fail and learn life lessons make it all worthwhile. And when it’s over and your child has decided they no longer wants to make the commitment or there just aren't any more games to be played, the parent feels the loss as much or more than the player. 

For a very few, the ride doesn’t end. It keeps going into the pros and that alone is usually enough reward for any parent for all of the hard work, sacrifice, and dedication they put in to help their child achieve their dreams. 

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Every once in a while, that child has the chance to repay their parents with a gift that doesn’t just look cool but encapsulates something more. 

For Kings guard Tyrese Haliburton, that meant purchasing a new Range Rover for his mother, Brenda. 

It’s a simple gesture for a young man that now has the financial resources to take care of himself and his loved ones. It’s also an incredible acknowledgment of the shared journey of a family, which is the true gift that makes all of those sacrifices worthwhile.